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QEF Transport welcomes a new specialised Maternity Ambulance

The QEF Transport department are excited to add a new addition to their fleet. We are proud to announce QEF have partnered with RH Conversions to create a new Maternity Ambulance.

The vehicle is first of its kind and has been specifically designed to ensure that both mother and baby can travel together. The vehicles design means it’s able to transport an incubator and a stretcher at the same time. The incubator is secured vertically at the bulkhead and the stretcher secured horizontally in the standard position. In the event of an emergency, we think it is vital that the two can travel together and hope that this creation can help reduce our patients stress in an already incredibly emotive situation.

The two tracks built into the floor of the ambulance allow two incubators to be transported at the same time. This has been created for the event that there is an emergency requiring the transport of twins.

The design of the ambulance means that if it isn’t required by maternity, it can also be used as an emergency ambulance to carry a stretcher alone. The vehicle is equipped for both short and long-distance journeys with the ability to carry spare oxygen, medical air and CD oxygen storage.


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