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Pharmacy services

The QE Facilities Outpatient pharmacy provides a range of services including:

  • Over the counter care

  • Dispensing of outpatient prescriptions

  • Homecare service for speciality medications

  • Wholesale distribution

  • Smoking cessation service

Open Monday - Friday 8:30am to 6pm

(Please note that the pharmacy does close between 1:30pm -2pm)

Tel: 0191 4456453 or



Outpatient Pharmacy Dispensing

Outpatient services are offered to help free up hospital resources to spend more time on inpatient care. This allows QEF Pharmacy Services to provide focused services for our customers.

The Pharmacy is managed to provide safe, efficient services to support our patients to deliver reduced waiting times and significant savings, which are then reinvested into the Trust. We aim to offer all of our customers the best possible experience when visiting our pharmacy. Thats why your feedback is so important, it helps us understand what we can do better, in order to create a better service for our customers.


Over the Counter Medicines

QEF pharmacy services offer a range of over the counter medicines to support you and your family. Explore our range of products with the assistance of our fully trained counter staff; who are on hand to offer you help and guidance to find the right treatments for your everyday ailments. Our extensive range of medicines cover coughs and cold, flu symptoms and other health treatments. We offer both trusted brands and cheaper generic alternatives, to cater for all. Our Medicine counter staff and Pharmacy team are always available to provide you with expert advice to allow you the best outcome when taking medicines.

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Homecare Medicine Service

QEF pharmacy to home provides a medicine delivery service, for patients who are treated with speciality medicines. We have developed a robust partnership with the Trust, which supports the prescribing and supply of these medicines. For example we have worked with the rheumatology department to supply over 700 patients with medication within and outside the gateshead area.


Wholesale Distribution

WDA(H) Licence 46779​

Our WDA (H) license allows us to procure, hold and distribute medicinal products to NHS Trusts and Independent Healthcare providers in the North East of England. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the NHS we believe our experience and understanding of the governance associated with NHS Procurement allows us to deliver commercial solutions to suit individual customer requirements. For enquiries please contact us at or call 0191 445 8576


Smoking Cessation

Thinking of quitting? Get the support you deserve call 0191 4456453.

Here at QEF pharmacy we are passionate about working in partnership with the hospital and the larger community. We work with members of the public and with the trust to help patients that could benefit from the smoking cessation service. Our qualified stop smoking advisors are available to offer advice on nicotine replacement products and the best way to kick your smoking habit.We offer a 12 week programme that provides the tools you need to lead a new smoke free life. We understand that lifestyle changes can be daunting and our service is ideal for those who feel they will benefit from extra support and motivation. Please contact us 0191 4456453 on for more information.Are you a NHS staff member working across the North East and North Cumbria trusts? If the answer is yes you are eligible for FREE stop smoking support through the regional pilot scheme. To check you eligibility please click the button below.

I've smoked for around 5 years and since falling pregnant I've wanted to stop but didn't have the power to actually do so until I got in touch with Alice! I haven't had a tab since 8th October and I've never felt better. The patches work absolute wonders, she always messages me every week to see how I am and always has my next prescription ready for whenever I need it.

- Demi Watson 

Pre Payment and Exemption Information

As with prescriptions dispensed by a community pharmacy, there is a prescription charge payable for all prescription items unless you are usually exempt from prescription charges. If you are exempt from prescription charges then you may be asked for proof of your exemption. 

If you are unsure as to whether or not you pay for your prescriptions, please pay for your prescription and ask for an NHS receipt (Also known as an FP57), which allows you to claim the prescription charge back, or go to  for more information on exemptions from prescription charges.

​If you are prescribed more than 13 prescription items each year or 3 or more items at one time, you could save money by purchasing a prescription pre-payment certificate. Please ask a member of staff for more information or go to




Delivering uncompromising patient care through partnership


We aim to learn and grow from our customer feedback; every comment can make a difference. So we'd just like to say thank you for your time, we truly value your opinion. Here are just a few changes we have made to our service in light of your feedback!

We noticed that waiting time was a priority for our Outpatient customers. We can assure you that our team work very hard to process your prescription in a timely manner, however we appreciate there are busy periods, where waiting times can be longer than usual. To help our customers we have implemented screens that allow you to track where your prescription is in the queue and how many others are waiting. We also try to provide a realistic estimated wait time, when you hand in your prescription and try to keep all customers updated if there are issues with the prescription that may take longer to resolve.  96% of our prescriptions are completed within 20 minutes.

In our recent feedback our Homecare customers told us that they would prefer a more detailed time slot from our delivery drivers. Due to your request I am glad to inform you that we can now offer AM and PM slots to our customers.

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