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QEF Outpatient Pharmacy now offering FREE stop smoking support.

We are excited to announce that QE Facilities Outpatient Pharmacy can now offer completely FREE stop smoking support for people living, studying or working in the borough of Gateshead. This scheme is supported by Gateshead Council.

This service now includes free nicotine replacement products such as gum, patches, mouth sprays and many more. Where as Previously nicotine replacement products were subject to a prescription charges per item. These products are then supported by behavioural advice from our fully trained stop smoking advisors, who can provide this aspect of the service either in person or via the phone. With professional help you are three times more likely to quit for good than you are going it alone.

Alice Jennings, Lead for the Outpatient's Smoking Cessation Programme at QE Facilities explained why this is such a great scheme for the region.

“We are excited about the free NRT scheme as we have been able to break through so many health inequality barriers by offering this. We already offered free delivery and telephone support to help our housebound patients, our busy parents, our full-time workers and those who live far from the hospital but now to be able to give free products, invaluable behavioural support as well as delivery is just amazing. It should not cost someone money to want to improve their health and life.”

Are you interested in quitting smoking and want to sign up? We have a few options available. You can visit one of our walk in clinics at Blaydon primary care centre every Thursday from 1pm till 6pm, or Windy Nook outpatients based in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital every Friday from 1pm till 6pm.

Alternatively you can email or call 0191 445 8144 to secure your appointment.


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