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QE Transport Deliver Pedal Power.

QET have recently purchased 2 electric cargo bicycles which run alongside its motorcycles fleet to further reduce QET’s emissions and our carbon footprint.

We are currently piloting the bicycles from our Gateshead Head office on SOTW pathology services, NEYCS and CWPS. The pilot testing includes utilising the bicycles on a current run within Newcastle city centre collecting HPV samples and stock delivery. This is also the aim within CWPS. This will both cut emissions within the city centre and avoid any congestion that our vans may incur within the city. The bicycles are QET’s first fully electric vehicles which alongside our current Mitsubishi PHEV vehicles, new self-charging hybrid vehicles and our motorbikes is a big step in helping QEF in reducing emissions.

The cargo bike has a robust, beautifully rounded, composite box with 350L capacity." Benefiting from a sturdy frame with shockproof powder coating, treated inside to prevent rusting.

In a world of increasing concern for pollution & global warming, exaggerated by the pandemic, there is an increasing demand for more eco-friendly transport solutions and corporation proceeds. The problem with a bicycle is the lack of practicality and storage, so using a van always seems the best option. The Pro Bike Cargo solves that problem and allows you to efficiently transport up to 80KG of goods. The bicycle has a full electric range of up to 35 miles which when assisted by the rider peddling increases greatly, combined with a charging time of only 4 hours this ensures, weather conditions permitting, the bicycle can be employed daily.


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