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QE Facilities Celebrates 1 Year of Partnership With The North East Ambulance Service.

We are extremely proud to announce the first anniversary of our partnership with the North East Ambulance Service.

The 11th of January 2021 marked the start of the partnership between QE Facilities Pharmacy services and the North East Ambulance Service. The medication supply service is an integral part of the emergency care provided by ambulance crews and paramedics across the North East.

John Welsh, Associate Director of Pharmacy Services said: ‘“The NEAS contract has allowed us to demonstrate we can deliver a quality service which conforms to our mission statement ‘Uncompromising Patient Care through Partnership’. The immediate cost improvement has enabled NEAS to release capacity to support future opportunities. We expect our collaboration to deliver further benefits and reengineer supply”

Medicines Manager for NEAS, Wesley Cole added: “Our network suggested QEF would offer a robust and compliant solution to support our Medicines Management service. Our partnership with QEF Pharmacy Services is open and transparent. The cost savings have delivered our CIP target allowing us to recruit additional posts in the Medicines Management team to support future opportunities and deliver better patient care.”

The contract has been a great success for QE Facilities to improve our visibility and grow our value within the community


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