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"Our success is down to our greatest asset, our human asset"

QE Facilities recent participation in an online webinar surrounding Living Wage Week was very well received by those involved. The webinar was hosted by the Living Wage Foundation in partnership with the North East Initiative for Business Ethics. The event was organised to open the discussion of how the Living Wage not only benefits the communities within the North East but also within the wider UK.

QE Facilities, was represented by our Managing Director, Anthony Robson and Head of HR Iain Rae. Anthony and Iain were amongst several speakers in what was a very lively and informative webinar discussing the Living Wage and the benefits of its accreditation.

Anthony started with an introduction of QE Facilities. He went on to explain that the company becoming an accredited Living Wage employer was an easy decision and stressed it would be a long-term investment in QEF’s hourly paid frontline staff. He noted that the ethos of the Living Wage not only aligned closely with the core values of QEF but would ensure safe, respectful and fair working conditions to all staff including those of their suppliers.

‘Our success is down to our greatest asset, our human asset’ was one particular line that Iain Rae emphasised. He spoke about how QEF is going through a significant period of growth and how they recognised and acknowledged that their employees who are delivering the services on the front line everyday, in the communities which QEF support, are their greatest asset.

Iain went on to explain how the Living wage was part of an overall strategy to create a happy, motivated workforce and to tackle inequality within the workplace. He highlighted the difference this had already made within the organisation, stating that 410 direct employees pay had been increased in excess of the Living Wage. Over two-thirds of these employees were female, meaning that QEF’s commitment to the Living Wage has already contributed to the closing of the gender pay gap not only within the organisation but nationally. QEF’s commitment as a living wage employer will ensure that entry level hourly pay rate will always live up to and demonstrate their commitment to their founding values of social responsibility, equality and inclusion of all.

Anthony closed his talk by stating that the Living Wage Accreditation was in recognition of the dedication and commitment shown by all employees within QE Facilities, who continue to support the NHS service during the unprecedented and ongoing impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Following QEF’s presentation Anthony and Iain were both actively involved in an open question and answer forum discussing the Living Wage and it’s benefits.


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