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QEF - Share experience to support subsidiary briefing.

QE Facilities Limited are delighted to have been able to contribute to the Dec 2018 HMFA briefing, outlining the financial and governance considerations for establishing a subsidiary.

QEF was established in 2014, known as “The Gateshead Model” is now a well-established subsidiary company.

In supporting this briefing, QEF have provide working examples of its experiences in support of the finance and governance considerations.

More and more NHS bodies are establishing subsidiaries. This briefing has been developed from discussions with colleagues who have been part of this is process.

It is intended to signpost to issues that those who have already been through the process would have wanted to know about at the outset. Where possible, reference to detailed guidance is also provided.

This is the first update to the briefing which reflects the change in the transaction reporting guidance issued by NHS Improvement in November 2018.

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