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QE F Transport Services, Delivers with Eco-Friendly Vehicles.

QE Facilities Transport department are now the proud owners of two additional hybrid electric vehicles to add to the first an electric powered Nissan Leaf.

QEF have added two ‘Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s’ which are a welcome assets to our current fleet of courier vehicles.

Using twin electric motors and a highly efficient 2.0 litre petrol engine, the new Outlander PHEV intelligent technology, knows which engine to engage to match your driving requirments, thereby achieving superior fuel efficiency and optimised performance, delivering a combined range of up to 542 miles.

Capable of up to 33 miles in EV mode, the average commute can be driven solely on electricity, reducing costs for the Trust, as well as producing combined emissions of only 41 CO2 g/km.

The vehicles are a low carbon addition to our current fleet, whilst maintaining daily necessary operational functionality and gaining the ability to widen our pathology courier service with 4x4 capability into rural communities or during bad weather driving conditions.

Paul Bowmaker, QE Facilities Transport Manager, said:-

We are constantly looking for innovative methods to help meet our cost and carbon redduction targets. Hybrid electric vehicles are the way forward, not only to reduce the Trust operating costs but also to help meet government guidelines for the reduction in Co2 emissions. Like all existing vehicles in our fleet, they are easily recognisable, proudly liveried with QE Facilities logo".

Having recently install electic charging points at the QE, this continues QEF commitment to delivering carbon reduction inititives.

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