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Peter Harding - QEF results are above NHS national average across all services.

Peter Harding - Managing Director, QE Facilities

"We are extremely proud with this set of results"

PLACE Audit/Results Background

PLACE (Patient Lead Assessment of the Care Environment) are a self-assessment of non-clinical services which contribute to good quality patient care.

The assessment process encourages the involvement of patients, patient representatives and Trust staff providing an opportunity to measure current performance whilst also identifying areas for improvement/development. The audit team comprised of a 50/50 ratio Patient Representatives/Trust Staff, and also included an external verifier with professional knowledge of the process.

Areas the assessments were focused on included:

  • Wards acute/community;

  • Emergency departments/minor injuries unit;

  • Out-patients department;

  • External areas; Car Parks, Entrances, Grounds and Gardens

  • Internal areas; Public circulation areas, refreshment areas, public toilets

  • Food – including the availability of food and drink

Assessment of these areas included;

  • Cleanliness

  • Food and Hydration

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Hospital consists of buildings of various ages which have been integrated together to give the overall effect of a modern operation. The standard of cleanliness is high throughout the entire Hospital, also the state of repair and signage has improved in the last 12 months. The steps taken by the Trust to implement “Dementia requirements” are to be applauded in view of the current financial situation. Finally staff have a sense of pride and ownership in the hospital which comes through at all levels.


An auditor commented;-

"Purpose built 24 bedded unit with exceptionally high standards of cleaning, care and food service. Patients speak very highly of the care they receive and also the quality of the food.”

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