QE Facilities Limited. Registered office: Estates & Facilities Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Old Durham Road, Gateshead, NE9 6SX, United Kingdom. Registered Number: 09019497. QE Facilities Limited is part of the Gateshead Health Group. QE Integrated Solutions, QE Transport, QEF Pharmacy Services & QE Procurement, are registered trademarks. 

QE integrated Solutions is a division of QE Facilities Ltd (QEF) and is set up to offer expert VAT compliance and advisory services. We are a business that is new to the market, but employ personnel that are highly skilled and experienced within their fields. We have already established a successful and referenceable track record in relation to consultancy services delivery and achieving excellent results for our clients.

VAT Advisory Business

Our VAT advisory business provides a wide range of services, from advising on all aspects of establishing a subsidiary company within an NHS body to providing advice on the restructuring of procurement contracts

We can advise on establishing subsidiary companies to deliver non clinical services such as:-


  • Outpatient Pharmacy Dispensing

  • Operated Healthcare Facilities

  • Courier / Transport Services

  • Pathology Services

  • Laundry Services

  • CSSD


We can also advise in areas such as:-


  • Managed Service Contracts

  • Joint venture and partnership arrangements

  • PFI Contracts


VAT compliance

Our VAT compliance business provides assurance in the following areas:-


  • Revenue expenditure (contracted-out services)

  • Capital expenditure ​(contracted-out services)

  • Business activities

  • Partial exemption modelling

  • Output tax (debtor income)

  • Overseas transactions

  • Charitable funds

  • Smart procurement

  • Support during HMRC visits

  • Technical support

NHS bodies are under unprecedented pressure to minimise costs in relation to their activities.

The efficient procurement of goods and services is an area in which the cost burden may be reduced by 20% on expenditure in certain circumstances.

QEF has recruited an experienced team of NHS VAT specialists, to support NHS bodies in managing their VAT compliance effectively and efficiently. Our focus and culture at QEF is to deliver high quality VAT services at competitive rates. Profits made by QEF are re-invested in the NHS which provides a great PR position.

QEF’s Consultancy arm is a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust group.  The business strategy is to;-

  1. Develop relationships with other NHS bodies to provide advisory services in relation to the establishment of subsidiary companies to their needs and requirements. 

  2. Develop relationships and provide high quality personnel for the delivery of VAT compliance and advisory services to NHS bodies

The business model brings together the benefits of working as a commercial company, with the ethics, values and determination of its people to improve the services within the NHS.  We aim to reduce the cost of delivering a first class service, by working differently.​



QE Facilities are working with a number of NHS bodies to assist them in reducing the costs of operating their hospital. In providing this service there are a number of benefits which can be derived providing that the circumstances enabling them are prevalent. The savings will normally cover a variety of areas, one of which is in relation to VAT.


If the structure is established correctly and for the right reasons, then additional benefits to the standard expectations can be derived.


The following illustrations are provided as short examples of where QE Facilities has been successful in improving the VAT recovery position for our clients.


Customer 1.


  • The Trust was in the throes of building a new acute assessment unit, by engaging with QE Facilities we were able to secure the repayment of £1.05m from HMRC for VAT incurred between the period February 2016 to March 2018.


Customer 2.


  • The Trust were carrying out project in relation to the alteration and refurbishment of an existing building to accommodate a new surgical facility and the installation of a new generator to provide power around the hospital site. Our intervention meant that the Trust was able to claim a further £220,222 which was approved by HMRC.


Customer 3.


  • The Trust was building a new boiler house which included the fitting of equipment, at the same time the Trust was extending the existing Accident and Emergency Department. We were able to review the undertakings and agreed with HMRC VAT recovery in excess of £830,000. This amount was in addition to the VAT the Trust had previously claimed on the advice of another adviser.

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