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A day in the life of an Architectural Technician

James Forrest is a Junior Architectural Technician for our Capital Projects Team and has worked for QE Facilities for over 7 years. He explains more about his role and how he got into his career:

“QE Facilities has opened up many doors for me, I actually started working here back in 2015 as an apprentice joiner. In 2018, after completing my apprenticeship I was offered a job as a maintenance joiner; I was then asked to continue my education to achieve a HNC and HND in construction. By 2021 I was working as an architectural technician. My progression hasn’t stopped there, I’m currently continuing my studies and I’m due to complete my BsC(hons) Degree in May this year. QE Facilities has provided full financial support which has enabled me to pursue a career in architecture without going through a traditional route.

My current team consists of 5 members, we all play a role in delivering construction projects at QEH and wider trust sites. My day to day will vary massively depending on the projects we have active on site. I could be creating design proposals for projects, working with contractors on-site to deliver the design, handing over a project to a client or updating or record information after a project is completed. My role as a healthcare architectural technician is particularly demanding it involved: designing, cost estimation, surveying, managing contractors, health and safety awareness, on call duties and ensuring all hospital plans are up to date. Also because of the nature of the environment we work in we have to meet higher standards, top of building standard regulations must be followed to ensure the hospital functions correctly. I really enjoy my job, but I’d say the best part is being surrounded by likeminded people who challenge and improve me daily and who are always willing to help me when I need it.

If I had to choose I’d say I’m really proud of the involvement I had in creating the “Listening space”. I think its a great initiative which has enabled the health and wellbeing team to establish a base in the Gateshead Trust and provide an important service to hospital staff. "


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