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QE Facilities Ltd, In the driving seat for Patient Transport Services (PTS).

A new partnership between QE Gateshead and QE Facilities Ltd is helping more patients to return home after a stay in hospital.

QEF now has two fully equipped multi-purpose ambulances, which have been specifically modified to cater for patient’s needs who have been discharged from the QE back to their home.

QEF Staff operating these ambulances have all been trained in First Aid, Resuscitation, Safeguarding and Dementia.

The Vehicles themselves are tracked and to enhance our duty of care to our patients beyond discharge drivers are in regular contact with the team, reporting back following each drop off.

The new partnership means that the QE’s ambulances are fully integrated and supported by QEF’s increasing transport team who work closely with the QE and the discharge lounge to ensure patient waiting times are reduced to a minimum.

With this fully integrated PTS service being delivered in house, this now provides the opportunity to deliver greater efficiencies and meet discharge targets which will in turn help patients to get home quicker and more efficiently.

This new service operates seven days a week from 10am to 8pm Mon to Fri, and 12 till 8pm on weekends and bank



To further enhance our duty of care to our patients, QEF have introduced a home

care pack for those patients in need of a little extra support on their return home; this may include tea, biscuits and essentials provisions, until they are able to get these for themselves.

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