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QEF PVMA Training

Professional, Proud and Passionate

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Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression Training (PMVA) not only teaches you the skills you need, it teaches you  competencies to support those skills.

Collectively our tutors have over 40 years’ experience working in healthcare and working with clinically related challenging behaviour. We continue to actively support and advise clinical staff and ensure all those in our care are treated with empathy and dignity.

"The North East Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust are happy to be working in partnership with QE Facilities who provide our Trust with Breakaway Training. We have found the service to be professional and the feedback is excellent."

-Elaine McDonald Head of Workforce Development North East Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust

As QE Facilities foundations are firmly rooted in healthcare, caring is at the centre of everything that we do. We are committed to reducing the need for physical intervention and understanding the root causes of aggression as a whole.

This is done by looking at the primary levels of intervention which include:

> Identifying the triggers that can cause challenging behaviour

> Identifying the risk to staff and others

> Creating a positive environment and staff approach.

Members of the QEF training team have experience working  with the NHS as clients and delivering training sessions to NHS employees. Recently  we have expanded our training packages to encompass training that can be adapted

to any frontline employees. Conflict Resolution Training is a key measure to protect

NHS staff, and those who deliver NHS services, from violence but can equally be

beneficial to any frontline setting. For many years this type of training has been

mandatory in the NHS in order to protect its greatest asset, its employees. Training

should be monitored, reviewed and evaluated according to employees’ risk of facing

conflict and appropriate levels of training offered As NHS Conflict Resolution Specialists,

we are best-placed to deliver the training course that is mandatory for all NHS employees




  • Conflict Resolution/Challenging Behaviour Awareness

  • Breakaway Training • Physical Intervention Training

  • Lone Worker Training

  • Telephone Skills for Conflict Resolution


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QE Facilities has several PMVA tutors who are all GSA (General Service Association) trained and have regular refresher training to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. All the tutors are very knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic when they deliver their training. They come from different backgrounds, clinical and non - clinical and all together have over 30 years of experience in delivering training.


All of our training meets the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Standards of Outcome 7 “Safeguarding People who Use Services from Abuse’ CQC Standards March 2010

"T3 Security has worked in a successful partnership with QE Facilities over the last 18 months, we have been exceptionally pleased with the high standard of the breakaway and physical intervention training our officers have received, this training has helped instil a higher level of confidence and professionalism in our officers as part of their health care security role."

-Peter Moore, Director, T3 Security

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