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Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression Training (PMVA) not only teaches you the skills you need, it teaches you  competencies to support those skills

As QE Facilities foundations are firmly rooted in healthcare, caring is at the centre of everything that we do. We are committed to reducing the need for physical intervention and understanding the root causes of aggression as a whole.

This is done by looking at the primary levels of intervention which include:

> Identifying the triggers that can cause challenging behaviour

> Identifying the risk to staff and others

> Creating a positive environment and staff approach.


Collectively our tutors have over 40 years’ experience working in healthcare and working with clinically related challenging behaviour. We continue to actively support and advise clinical staff and ensure all those in our care are treated with empathy and dignity.

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 PMVA Training

"The tutors were very good and engaging, made us feel comfortable."

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Physical Intervention 


"Taught effective techniques to protect self/colleagues when faced with physical aggression."


Great Session!

"Great session. Fantastic Trainers. Well worth attending, thank you!"

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