QE Facilities Limited. Registered office: Estates & Facilities Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Old Durham Road, Gateshead, NE9 6SX, United Kingdom. Registered Number: 09019497. QE Facilities Limited is part of the Gateshead Health Group. QE Integrated Solutions, QE Transport, QEF Pharmacy Services & QE Procurement, are registered trademarks. 

QEF Portering Services

QEF Portering service is a fundamental, and important front line service provision to the Trust. Our highly trained employees, deliver a quality, flexible, timely, responsive and proactive service to all clients of the Trust. Key to this service is the high degree of customer service training QEF employees undertake to underpin the need for our teams to be engaging, helpful and friendly whilst recognising the their key role in enhancing the overall patient journey and experience. QEF have placed special emphasis in up skilling all front line employees in recognising the additional care, time and attention of our clients with special needs including  those with Dementia.


Like with all QEF service, key to the on-going success of our portering  service provision is the program of constant improvement, KPI/SLA audit and stakeholder review.


QEF portering Services Service:
  • Provide a flexible high quality Portering Service which offers a timely, responsive and pro-active system for the movement of patients, materials and equipment within the Facilities and undertake a number of other specified support services ancillary to the functioning of the Trust operations;

  • Provide a comprehensive, programmed and reactive Portering Service that is reliable, helpful and responsive to the needs of the Trust Staff, patients and visitors; and

  • Provide an integrated, flexible portering team with a culture that incorporates continuous development and innovation relating to changes in patient and Trust needs, Trust demand and hospital environment.

  • Provide service’s to  deliver 95% on time delivery against SLA.


Scope of Service

QEF Portering Services currently undertake  the following activities, and provide a service which is capable of reacting to any ad-hoc situations as they arise:


  • Movement of patients within the Site

  • Movement of deceased patients and mortuary duties

  • Movement of pathology items

  • Delivery and collection of Linen

  • Collection of Waste

  • Movement of goods within the Site

  • Postal services

  • Medical gas services

  • Emergency procedures

  • Ad-Hoc Services Requests

  • Movement of patient meal trolleys within the Site